Professional cleaning / facility service

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If you need professional property service, you can safely leave it to us.

Gaarde Gruppen is a complete supplier of property services to business customers and housing associations. Our caretakers ensure a complete service of the entire property. With the help of Gaarde Gruppen, you can trust that your property is functioning practically and is always presented as nicely and maintained as possible.

Depending on your needs, permanents employees are assigned and can help you with all the practical tasks in the property such as:

Supervision of the property’s installations
Reading of meters
Care of central heating
Contact and supervision of craftsmen
Minor repairs and replacement of light sources
Various ad hoc and acute tasks e.g. water in basements
Monitoring and reporting of damage to buildings, installations, and furniture
Emptying of attic/basement, vacated apartments
Maintenance of gardens
Maintenance of grasslands
Supervision of garbage rooms
Sweeping of yard and street
Snow removal and salting/graveling
Disposal of bulky waste
Weed control
Pest control

Gaarde Gruppen collaborates with Mortalin A/S and therefore we are equipped to take care of all kinds of pest control-related tasks.

Gaarde Gruppen has a well-functioning and long-term collaboration with craftsmen, plumbers, electricians, etc. which we can supply if preferred.

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