Cases we have solved for our clients

We, the Gaarde Group, have worked with many different companies expanding from collecting plastic waste for a landfill to the cleaning of the 250 years old Odd Fellows Mansion. The broad collection of companies we have worked with has taught us a lot and helped us evolve as a company. We strive to always deliver a service which will ease the daily operation for our clients.

Here you will find information about our bigger clients and what kind of tasks we have completed for some of them:

The Odd Fellows Mansion

During our 3 years working with the Odd Fellows Mansion we have completed many different tasks, including the daily cleaning of the Mansion’s 10.000 square meters.

The Rococo styled mansion was built in 1751 and completed in 1755 and is considered a crucial part of the danish architectural history. Therefore we recognize the responsibility that follows as a cleaning company, since the cleaning of the Odd Fellows Mansion involves a knowledge of the treatment of different types of wood, limestone tiles, carpets etc. When the mansion is rented out to school parties, dinners, art exhibitions and the like, we always ensure that the mansion is clean and presentable the next day, ready for the 700 daily visitors.

As an example, we have completed a full cleaning of the mansion after a school party, where the mansion had to be used for an art exhibition 4 hours later. This is only possible because we have a super nice and flexible staff with many years of experience.

Nordic Solar-Energy A/S

Nordic Solar-Energy A/S is a danish company that runs solar cell parks in Europe. The office of NSE started at around 110 square meters with 5 employees, but now has 35 employees spread out on three floors of 800 square meters in total. The Gaarde Group has been responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of their office for daily use. One of the tasks has been to renovate their floors to new condition, as well as performing various handyman tasks.

AV environmental company

AV environmental company is based in Hvidovre, outside of Copenhagen and is responsible for disposal of incinerable waste in an environmentally sound manner. Since the landfill is located next to a forest area, there is a risk of plastic and other trash ending up in the forest, when it is windy. Deers will eat this plastic, thinking it is food, but since plastic is not a naturally degradable substance, this results in serious consequences for the animals because it fills up the stomach and therefore takes up the room for natural food. Plastic waste in nature, both in the forests and the oceans, is a huge environmental issue today, since it destroys the natural ecosystems. In this regard, the Gaarde Group has a big responsibility of ensuring that the waste from AV environmental company does not end up in the nearby nature. We have taken care of this since 2005.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss was a client of the Gaarde Group for 7 years, where we were responsible for the daily cleaning of the rooms and windows of their stores as well as their 3000 m2 of offices and showrooms in Denmark.

Among the many tasks we completed for Hugo Boss, one of the was to clean up after carpenters, that were building during the night, after which the stores, offices and showrooms had to be ready in the morning for the daily operation.


Clever is Denmark’s biggest supplier of electrical charging stations for cars and has been a client of the Gaarde Group since 2015. Our work tasks at Clever has consisted of daily cleanings, window cleanings, oiling of floors and supplying consumer products, as well as further tasks that Clever has demanded. This includes moving furniture, driving to landfill/recycling areas, sorting of waste, plumbing tasks, shopping and installing hand sanitizers etc.

Clever has grown from 25 to about 200 employees through 20/21, which for our case has required a daily contact with the company to ensure, that we deliver the necessary staff that they need to complete the daily tasks. Clever is within the 1000 fastest growing companies in the European Union which means that there are extraordinary tasks occurring continuously and we make sure we solve these here and now.


In 2004 the Gaarde Group entered into the first agreement with ADIDAS Denmark. It started with a store at “strøget” and has evolved to a co-operation with ADIDAS in which we take care of the daily cleaning, including windows, of all their own stores in Denmark, as well as tasks related to renovations in the stores.

As a cleaning company, we believe that it is our job to accommodate our clients needs. As a globally recognized brand, there are high expectations from the consumers to ADIDAS and therefore also high expectations to our staff, since they are a part of the daily operation.

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