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40 years of expertise and still developing

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Gaarde Gruppen focuses on building long-term relationships with our customers. We are dedicated to solving a wide range of tasks, including carpet cleaning, stationery delivery, furniture moving, general cleaning and handyman services.

We believe in the value of quality over quantity and we strive to create meaningful and reliable partnerships with our customers.

Gaarde Gruppen is known for reliability, professionalism and integrity. We are your dedicated partner ready to help with tasks of any size, whether it’s 50 sqm or 6000 sqm.

Contact us today so we can start a long-term collaboration and take care of your needs.

40 years of experience in the industry

Gaarde Gruppen is a facility management team with more than 40 years of experience in the industry and an average customer relationship of more than 7 years.​

In the daily cleaning agreement, you will be assigned a permanent cleaning team, which means that if the permanent cleaning employee is to be substituted, it is always the same substitution(s) who handles the task. The employees in these teams know each other and the cleaning sites that are given to the team.

Our experience shows us that this structure makes the team feel greater responsibility towards each other and their cleaning sites, which leads to our service level being maintained in the event of a substitution. In addition, you will have direct contact with the cleaning staff via a contact book. This direct contact has shown effective in getting smaller tasks and adjustments in place. Thus the cleaning employee feels a greater connection to the company, which contributes to higher job satisfaction and responsibility.

We strive to meet all needs

The customer’s needs and wishes vary widely and that is precisely why we have a strong focus on having a good dialogue with our customers, to cover all needs and small tasks in everyday life.

With Gaarde Gruppen you get more than just a cleaning service. We provide a service that can help you with all the big and small practical tasks of everyday life. Many of our customers sends us an SMS when they are in need of our service and we arrive there the same day. We have a flat communication structure that ensures our communication goes easily from A to B, which enables us to act immediately. This allows us to be present with our customers whenever they need a helping hand.

Our employees

We are proud to have assembled a group of happy and nimble employees who interact with our customers and cleaning teams in the best possible way. We value courtesy and situational awareness and that our employees thrives at work and the cleaning sites. Our flat communication structure allows for easy crosswise communication between employees and management. This provides great efficiency, but more importantly, it makes our employees feel accommodated, equal and visible. Gaarde Gruppen has high demands in relation to the employees reliability, accountability, drive and independence, which results in a higher job influence for the cleaning staff.

Business partners

Mortalin A/S

We fight weeds and pests on your property.

We can remove the weeds ourselves and through a collaboration with Mortalin A/S, we are also equipped to take care of all kinds of pest control tasks.


Initial is one of the leading toilet hygiene and mat service companies in Denmark.

That's why we can offer complete and customized toilet and mat solutions of the highest quality for your business.


We work with ProfaGroup, which contracts with several different craftsmen, each of whom are competent in their specific tasks.

This helps to ensure that all our solutions are of the highest quality.

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