Professional cleaning / facility service

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We are professionally solid in commercial cleaning of offices, shops, daycare institutions, production companies, etc. Gaarde Gruppen has provided competent cleaning services since 1978 and facility management since 2014 throughout all of Denmark?

In the daily cleaning agreement you will be assigned a permanent cleaning team, which means that if the permanent cleaning employee is to be substituted, it is always the same substitution(s) who handles the task. The employees in these teams know each other and the cleaning sites that are given to the team.

Our experience shows us that this structure makes the team feel greater responsibility towards each other and their cleaning sites, which leads to our service level being maintained in the event of a substitution. In addition, you will have direct contact with the cleaning staff via a contact book. This direct contact has shown effective in getting smaller tasks and adjustments in place. This way the cleaning employee feels a greater connection to the company, which contributes to higher job satisfaction and responsibility.

The cleaning agreement can be supplemented with mat service, linen service, delivery of paper items and household items

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