We deliver:



Customer satisfaction

Our customers are in focus and we ensure the best basis for a good and long-term collaboration through dialogue and quality assurance

Work environment

We take good care of our employees, which is why we can always boast of providing a permanent credible employee for cleaning your company’s premises.

We cover all of Denmark

We are located in Ballerup just outside Greater Copenhagen if you should come by for coffee and a chat.

But we cover cleaning throughout Denmark.

Environment and sustainability.

There is no reason to burden the environment more than absolutely necessary. At the same time, we must take into account employees who suffer from allergies.

Gaarde Gruppen, therefore, has an environmental policy that means minimal environmental impact, a good economy, and a pleasant indoor climate. This is done through employees who know exactly how to dose the products correctly.

Furthermore, majority the majority are Nordic Ecolabelled and approved by the Asthma Allergy Association.

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